Handmade Ladies Birthday Cards

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handmade ladies birthday cards

Our handmade ladies birthday cards make the perfect statement to the ones you love.

The £5 cards are 29 cm tall the £3 are 21 cm tall.

You can see over 60 more of our ladies birthday cards on the link below, including prices for worldwide postage.


If you cannot find a design you like why not have a personalised card made at no extra cost, we can incorporate hobbies, favourite colours in the card you can also add wording of your choice,

We make two sizes of cards  29 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm (£5) and 21 cm x 7 cm x 7 cm (£3) .

Art Deco Birthday Card

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Ladies Skeleton Birthday Card

This Ladies Skeleton Birthday Card can have names added and stands 21 cm tall

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Ladies Art Deco Birthday Card

This Ladies Art Deco Birthday Card can have names and ages added at no extra cost. This card stands 21 cm tall

L 46
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Knitting Birthday Card

L 03
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Mum Birthday Card

L 06
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Birthday Card For A Nanny

This is a large 29 cm tall Birthday Card For A Nanny
L 07
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Hedgehog Birthday Card

This Hedgehog Birthday Card can have names added and stands 21 cm tall
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Ladies Birthday Card

L 10
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Gangster Birthday Card

This is a large 29 cm tall Gangster Birthday Card
L 12
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Birthday card with shoes

L 11
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